Baby S 18 month update

So my little dude is 18 months. Time sure flies when you are having fun. I thought I’d do a little 18 month update on here as I haven’t talked specifically about him for a while.

Physically he’s everywhere now. He doesn’t walk, he runs. We have to put shoes or slippers on him in the house or else he will go flying. If he can climb something he will. If he’s not sure he’ll give it a go! He loves to crawl around pushing toy cars along the floor or throw his toys. He absolutely loves splashing in the bath. He adores swimming but likes to spend most of the time jumping in the pool, getting out and jumping in again!

Eating wise he has become terribly fussy! I stopped breastfeeding him at 14 months old when he self weaned. He now has three cups of cows milk a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon when he wakes up from his nap and one when he goes to bed at night. For breakfast he usually eats porridge or weetabix. He has toast or a kiddy breakfast bar as a mid-morning snack at 10.30 with a cup of water or very weak squash. For lunch I will usually make him soup, eggy bread, cheese on toast, beans on toast but he is very fussy and will pick over it. If he eats enough he gets fruit and a yoghurt for pudding. If we are out at lunchtime he will eat a Ella’s pouch. He has whatever we are eating for dinner. Again he is really fussy at dinner. If he eats a bit of dinner we’ll give him fruit and ice cream for pudding.

Talking – he doesn’t talk a lot. The girls said a lot more at his age. He can say mum, duck, quack, dog, car, cat, all gone, more, dad, yeah and shakes his head for no. He knows the signs for please and thank you and more. He can make sounds for dog and cat and duck. He definitely understands what we say more than he can speak himself. He does know lots of words as he points to them in books when I ask, he just can’t say them all. I’m hoping this improves in the next 6 months.

Sleeping – he is still an awesome sleeper. He wakes at about 7.30, goes for a 2.5 hour nap at 12.30 and gets up at 3. He goes to bed at 7pm every evening. We just put him in his cot and he goes to sleep himself. I do make sure I take him out every morning though so he has burnt off enough energy to take a proper afternoon nap.

All in all he is one amazing baby. I love him to bits obviously and he is my little friend. I’m sure time will be flying and he’ll be 2 before I know it.

If you follow me on YouTube you may have seen my 18 month update video, if not here it is!!


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