christmas memories 2015

Christmas 2015 – Little Memories

Christmas 2015

I thought I would share with you some of the little memories of Christmas just gone. I shared a lot of it on YouTube this year as I was taking part in Vlogmas but I also wanted to share some highlights with you here on the blog.

For me Christmas really started with me feeling festive drinking mulled wine with some great bloggers at the Celtic Manor.

mulled wine

The festive feeling stepped up a notch then when we went to London and saw the Christmas lights at Harrods.

harrods christmas window 2015

We did some serious crafting this year, making a handmade wreath, christmas cards and snowman biscuits and getting crafty with Jacdo too.

handmade christmas wreath

belle and boo christmas card

snowman hand puppet

snowman biscuits

We got into the christmas mood every morning by opening our advent calendars (we made Daddy a beer one) and seeing what Elfie, our Elf on the Shelf had got up to next.

elf on the shelf

beer advent calendar

We put up the Christmas tree, saw two great shows (here and here) at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff and met Santa in Hamleys! Of course we watched the traditional nativity plays too!

hamleys santa

sherman cymru

real christmas tree

nativity angel

We then finally settled down at home for a few days off work, relaxing and celebrating as a family. It was a lovely break and we enjoyed every minute of it.

christmas siblings

christmas cracker hat baby

So that is our Christmas in photos. I hope you had a good holiday and are raring to go for the new year!

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