early mornings

Early Mornings

Early Mornings

Since the hubby went back to work 3 weeks ago we have been adjusting to some routine changes. Mornings have gotten earlier as hubby has to leave the house at 7 and so we both need to be up and dressed by that time.

Also with the clock change and lack of curtains in our house still the children are waking up anytime from 6am too. Sometimes it is just too early and we resort to what lots of parent’s resort to – the iPad!

This was one of these mornings, they were sat in bed watching Peppa Pig while I was getting ready. I think it must have been one of the first times that baby S has joined in with them and sat nicely on the bed – usually he is climbing here and there over everything!

early mornings

It was just one of those really sweet, ordinary moments I want to remember, messy bed hair and everything!

Have a fabulous Sunday folks, and I hope you get more of a lie-in than I will!

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  1. Brilliant capture and I totally agree these ordinary moments are the best! We remember the birthdays days out etc but these moments I am in danger of forgetting and that’s why I find capturing them so special. Loved it!!!

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