Fireworks Night 2014

Every year we have a little family tradition for Fireworks Night. We usually head down to Sparks in the Park in Coopers Field Cardiff with the children and friends – we have done it every year since we have lived here.

This year the hubby was on a stag do and I didn’t really fancy battling into Cardiff with three children on my own so this year we went to our local display on Barry Island.

We walked down there, packed some hot cocoa in a flask and took flapjacks and cakes and enjoyed them while watching the fireworks. It wasn’t quite the display as it is in Cardiff but it was very good and we all had a lovely evening. It was nice to stay local too!

It was also Baby Sprout’s first fireworks show – he slept right through it which is amazing considering it was quite loud! As always the wonder on the girl’s faces is what makes things like this so special for me. JB couldn’t believe her eyes and that the fireworks were “actually real” !!



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