Halloween Memories 2014

We love Halloween in our house. We just see it as a fun time to dress up, have some friends over for a little party and Bean especially loves trick or treating! We get quite a few little trick or treaters on our road and some people put together really nice little goody bags for them which is lovely.

This year Daddy has been away on a stag do so we chose not to host a party ourselves but went to a friends instead. They decorated their house from top to bottom and played spooky music and had spooky food – it was fab! Unfortunately managing three children on my own (two of them poorly) meant that I didn’t take many photos which was a shame. The girls dressed up earlier in the day in Halloween inspired outfits and they all changed into a little family of skeletons for the party!

Earlier in the week we went to Hendrewennol with friends to do some pumpkin carving which was great fun and we stayed to have face painting done, drank hot chocolate (the kids had ice cream) and played in the hay bales there. It was a really lovely afternoon. JB absolurely loves her pumpkin and was really sad when we had to say goodbye to him (anyone have any tips for stopping pumpkins from going mouldy?!)

Another day we bought Halloween trick or treat bag making kits for the girls and they spent an afternoon gluing and sticking to decorate them. They didn’t hold up particularly well but they were only 99p from the 99p shop and kept them entertained for ages!

We also made pumpkin faces out of paper plates at the Sherman Theatre – read more about that here.



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  1. Love their outfits! I wanted to get the black one for my little boy too but remembered we already had a red devil one from last year! big sisters hand-me-downs! x

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