I’m going to the Tots100 Blog Camp!

So I’ve been a brave brave girl and booked myself a ticket to Blog Camp this year. I’ll be 30 something weeks pregnant and travelling up there on the train on my own. I’m actually really looking forward to the downtime that travelling on my own will give me.

Otherwise I’m REALLY nervous. I don’t really know that many other bloggers. I read blogs and have small twitter conversations but there is no one I can meet up with beforehand and no one I know to sit next to. I imagine that lots of people will already know each other so that is really daunting.

On the plus side though I hope to learn lots of new tips for my blog. As I’ll be going on maternity leave in June I’ve got a whole 9 months to devote to blogging (oh and to raising a little baby and my two girls!!) so blogging will be my adult focus for a while.

What’s the worst that can happen? No one speaks to me all day (unlikely – I am quite chatty)? Someone is mean to me? (unlikely). So I am going for it. YOLO as the youth say!!

Are you going to Blog Camp? I’d love to say hi!


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