Little Memories #15

Ahh it is so long since I wrote a Little Memories post – August I think! I have taken these gorgeous photos of the children by the Christmas tree and had to share them and what a perfect time to do a little update on how they are doing.



You have been amazing lately. Having been brought up vegetarian you are now eating meat, which I was suprisingly ok with as you are such a fussy eater. You are having school dinners and trying new food and eating so much better which is a real relief for me. You are so much more independent, and I don’t need to worry about you at all – in fact you really help me out at times. I love spending one to one time with you and we have enjoyed late nights (for you) watching the Great British Bake Off together and now I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. You do your homework easily and are generally a pleasure to be around. The only annoying thing is your constant humming!!

Jelly Baby


You have been usually testing the last couple of months. I thought that I would miss you so much when you started school full time but your behaviour has been a little challenging and it is actually hard work sometimes when you are home. I know it is because you are tired and recently you have been a little poorly but with some positive praise you are starting to see the light and are working really hard to be a good girl. You are doing so well at school and have started spellings which you are a natural at. Your reading is really coming along well and you are so happy to go to school which is great. This christmas has been really special with you as you are at the perfect age where you understand so much more but the magic is really real to you. Your excitement is infectious!

Baby Sprout


Well, you weren’t a baby for very long! You are now charging around the place, climbing what you can and throwing what you can’t! Having a boy has been a real eye opener for me and I have found it hard work but you are now starting to communicate a lot more and are much more loving which is nice. I really enjoy our days together now and taking you out for coffee and cake! You still love music and dancing and bop along to anything with a tune which is really cute and funny!

I’m thinking of starting a little linky next year for Little Memories as it would be nice to have other people join in and share their memories and I think it might also motivate me to do mine more regularly. What do you think? Would you join in?

Binky Linky

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