losing the baby weight

Losing the Baby Weight #2

This week I only went running twice because of the weather. I can already see that this is going to be a challenge in the cold and wet months. Also I have put on a pound. Not great times! But I’m persevering!!

Week Two

Starting Weight: 10st 3lb

Current Weight: 10st 4lb

2 thoughts on “Losing the Baby Weight #2

  1. Don’t forget though if you are running you may be building muscle which is smaller than fat but weighs more!! Take your measurements too, you may be loosing inches 🙂

    Well done for you running, I wish I had that determination!

    • You’re quite right, I was trying not to get disheartened by the slight gain as muscle does weigh more, I’m just not sure how much muscle I could have put on in a week?! I’m going to take measurements now and add that to my posts, great idea thank you!

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