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Making the most of every day

A couple of weeks ago we had some bad news. Devastating news actually. I’ve always always said that as long as my children are healthy and happy that I have all that I want. I don’t want material things, I don’t want anything for myself, I see my life as being carried out in the lives of my little ones. They are my life and soul, I have nothing without them. We are waiting to know what exactly the future will bring but in the meantime I know that we need to enjoy every little moment we have.

Life with three children and a husband who works a lot is stressful. Every day feels like a rush, we are dashing from one moment to another. I feel like we never get a moment to stop and just enjoy the moment before we are rushing onto something else. This is why I have decided to take Sundays back. Today we’ll me making Sunday lunch, enjoying time with family and watching the girls in their ballet show.

pink peony

I haven’t bought fresh flowers for a long time, since we moved in fact. I’ve kind of felt like the house isn’t nice enough to have flowers, that they are wasted at the moment. This week I went out and bought a bunch of lilies and another of peonies. And how I have loved them! They have brightened up the house and made it look so much more homely. These flowers aren’t a waste, they are bringing me happiness. And although the rest of the house might not be finished, I’ll focus on this little bit of joy that they bring.

And so, in the next few weeks, I might feel physically sick with stress, life might seem overwhelming, we might have everything going on but I am determined to hold my children tight, make some memories, buy the flowers and enjoy every little moment while we have them.

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  1. I’m sorry you are so stressed, flowers do help to cheer you up though. I think having family time is really important. We are a family of 7 with lots of different ages but we still have at least three times a year when we all do something together. Of course I spend a lot of time with the little ones, at the weekends I make them turn off their computers and the tv and we all do something together. It makes you feel better and closer.

  2. Hi Ali, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had bad news and are having a stressful time at the moment. I always admire how honest you are on your blog and how you share things like this with us. You work so hard on your blog and are so dedicated to your children and family, the very least you can do for yourself is buy some lovely flowers and take back your Sunday! I hope your stressful time will come to pass and that everything will be ok for you xxx

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