Maternity Wear on a Budget

I’m starting to get quite a little bump and as I no longer fit into my jeans I’m re-working my wardrobe to accommodate my new shape. While I would love to be shopping for a whole new wardrobe, my budget simply doesn’t allow for that luxury so I’m sharing with you my top tips for maternity wear on a budget.

Sort through your current clothes

Go through all your wardrobe assessing each item as you go. Some things may still do for another month or two – trousers can be extended with the help of a hairband at the waistline and big jumpers and tops might still fit for a while. Some items can be worn differently as maternity wear. Stretchy trousers can be worn under the bump and button up shirts can be worn open with a vest top underneath.

Put away anything that definitely doesn’t fit. It will only depress you to look at it every day!

Ask your friends for any spare maternity clothes

If this isn’t your first baby chances are that you will have lots of friends with their own stash of maternity clothes. If they are not using them they may be happy to lend them to you. Just be sure to remember what you borrowed and return anything in the same condition. They will likely want it for their next pregnancy!

If it is your first baby you can pick up very good maternity bundles on eBay which usually contain many of the essentials you will need.

Charity shop it

Have a browse in local charity shops. You can pick up some oversized tops / jumpers / cardigans Β and accessories to complement your new outfits.

Check out the sales

You can buy some great value maternity items in the sales. Check out Next, New Look, ASOS, Topshop for some great bargains come sale time.

Utilise your accessories

You can still wear all your usual accessories so focus on these to jazz up your outfits. Your maternity white shirt and jeans look will be kept fresh by wearing different scarves and chunky necklaces.


22 thoughts on “Maternity Wear on a Budget

  1. I tended to buy larger charity shop clothes when I was pregnant as the maternity clothing on some sites was so expensive and I didn’t want to pay loads for items I would only wear for about 5 months! I was never huge anyways so didn’t need to buy too much!

  2. You can get some bargin maternity clothes on ebay. This is where I got all of mine and re-sold them once I had had all my kids.

  3. Asda do a nice smart work wear maternity which wasn’t much more expensive than normal clothes and had drawstrings to take in/out. At the end I just went to primark and got a couple of tops and skirts in a much larger size

  4. some good tips! I found skater dresses with a stretch in the material really good, especially around the 5-6 month mark when I still wanted a fun outfit without spending a fortune on maternity clothes

  5. Good tips. As Maternity clothes can be expensive. Yet they are used for such a short length of time. I have known some to wear some of their partners clothing.

    I know some who had to buy some smart suits for work :- To sell them later on Ebay.

  6. some great tips here. I’d also add not to be in too much of a rush to get into ‘maternity’ clothes. It’s really tempting to want to show off your bump when you are proud to be pregnant but I’d suggest sticking to your own clothes as long as possible.

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