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Meal Planning Monday – 28th April 2014

This week I’ve decided that enough is enough. Time to get healthy. Time to eat better. So this week’s meal plan is designed to be a little bit healthier than I normally am. There are a couple of new recipes and meals I am going to try out too. I’m also laying it out a little differently – in terms of ideas for meals for the week but less prescriptive about days and order.


Homemade granola & yoghurt



Toast & honey

Homemade chocolate chip brioche


Cheese & Pickle sandwiches

egg sandwiches

scrambled eggs on toast


Vegetable lasagne

Scrambled eggs & waffles

Bean burgers, rice & salad

Quorn garlic kiev, veg & potatoes

Quorn pasta bake

Veggie curry

As usual I’m linking up with Mrs M at Meal Planning Monday…

Meal Planning Monday

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