melted snowman biscuits

Melted Snowman Biscuits

I feel like I haven’t shared a recipe on here for ages and whilst these melted snowmen biscuits don’t need a recipe as such, it is a lot of fun to make with the kiddies this Christmas!

melted snowman biscuits

You will need…

Rich tea biscuits

Fondant icing sugar

Writing icing

White marshmallows

What to do…

Make up the fondant icing according to the packet instructions and spoon all over the biscuit. Stick a marshmallow into the icing for the snowman’s head and decorate with writing icing – eyes, mouth and a carrot nose. You can put on a scarf and buttons too. It is a little easier to decorate once the icing has set a bit.

They are really simple to do and so much fun.

melted snowman biscuits

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