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Milk Lovers Love Cravendale

We are HUGE drinkers of milk in our house. I’m not kidding – we get through 4 pints of Cravendale a day! I’ve always loved milk and it is one of those things that in our house holds a special association because of when we drink it.


Every morning I wake up and go downstairs and make a cup of warm milk for JB and Baby S. Even though JB is four and a half she really loves her cup of milk in the morning to wake her up. I go into her room, open the curtains and she drinks her milk in bed while she wakes up. I then go and wake Baby S, and now he is 16 months and finished breastfeeding I bring him into our bed where we snuggle for 5 minutes as he drinks his milk. I love those 5 minutes of cuddly time with him before he charges around for the rest of the day – for me it brings back that close bond of breastfeeding.

I quite often have a glass of milk myself in the morning and a warm glass in the evening too. I think it really helps me to unwind and switch off before bed.

JB and Baby S also have their milk in the evenings – it is another little routine. Baby S has his milk in a dimmed room and then I sing him a lullaby and he goes straight off to sleep. I then head into JB’s room, get into her bed and read her a story or two while she drinks her bedtime milk too.



We were given some vouchers for Cravendale milk recently and I must say we really liked it. It is specially filtered so that it stays fresher for longer and it means it tastes really pure and clean. There is nothing worse than sour milk and we have never had that with Cravendale. We drink the whole range of milk in our house – the children have whole milk which is really lovely and creamy, we drink semi-skimmed in hot chocolate and have it in our tea and coffee and I have skimmed milk on my porridge and cereal. All three taste delicious.

I made a little video of our bedtime milk routine and I love it…it will be so lovely to look back on how these beautiful times when our babies were little. I hope you like it too.

This post is an entry for BritMums #MilkDrinkersMilk Linky Challenge, sponsored by Cravendale.  

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24 thoughts on “Milk Lovers Love Cravendale

  1. My mother is a coffee and milk fiend, she drinks so much! I’m not too much of a fan, but I’m forcing myself to like it because I’ve struggled with calcium deficiencies. Carbondale is my favourite of them all though when I do drink it.

  2. These days we buy supermarket milk but still get through a lot of it. When we first moved here we could buy green top milk straight from our neighbours dairy farm. It was the best tasting milk we ever had.

  3. I wish my girls drank milk, they obviously did when they were babies and my littlest drinks milk on her cereal but my eldest has her cereal dry and hates milk now! But then so do I and it is such a shame as it is so good for you.

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