The Ordinary Moments 15 (3/52)



If the girls ever read this blog when they are older, I’m sure they’ll hate this photo! But this was such a cute ordinary moment I had to share! Hubby and I had been out for the night and Nanny had babysat. I came back and checked in on them and found them both on the bottom bunk like this!

I presumed Bean had climbed down to comfort her sister but in the morning when I asked it turned out that JB had been asleep and that in fact it was Bean who wanted a cuddle in the night.

I feel so very lucky that I had two girls. While most of the time they fight and argue now I hope it won’t always be like that – and that they can always turn to each other, just like they did this night.


8 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments 15 (3/52)

  1. Oh this is absolutely adorable, and I am sure they will love this photo when they are older, not hate it. I know I would have done when I was little. We are thinking about putting my girls in a joint room soon and I hope I get to witness moments like this one! x

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