The Ordinary Moments 15 (4/52)

IMG_0081Every day Daddy comes home from work just after 6 which is perfect timing for bath time. He comes straight in and gets on with the bedtime routine which is great for me as it gives me a little breather from the kids and gives me time to clear up the dinner things.

Most days I’ll confess I am really looking forward to him coming in and taking the little people and giving me a much needed reprieve. But for him it is his only chance in the day to spend some time with the children and he really enjoys it. The girls love their Daddy and look forward to him doing their bath and reading them a story and Baby Sprout is getting in on the routine too. It is lovely to see them bond together over the everyday bath and bedtime routine and these little moments they share are so special.

As always I am linking up to Katie’s weekly Ordinary Moments linky.


7 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments 15 (4/52)

  1. Aww that’s so sweet! My girls love having Daddy around for bath time too – he swings them in their towels and they think it’s a scream!

  2. Aw that is so sweet and I completely agree with you- our Daddy gets home for bath time and it sounds awful but most days I am clock watching to have him home just to get a little break. It can be tiring and it’s just nice to have an extra pair of hands isn’t it? x

  3. Can totally relate to this – its like a weight lifts when Daddy comes home and like you say – time to breathe! I love just having time to start clearing up the chaos whilst he helps and gets them ready for be and reads stories!

  4. This is so similar to us, although I’ve started taking over as hubby is having a particularly stressful time at work at the moment. It’s so lovely for them to have this moment though isn’t it? Beautiful post #ordinarymoments

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