ordinary moments

The Ordinary Moments

This week has been half term for us which has been wonderful. Although the last bit of term was only 4 weeks we have really needed the break and made no plans really for half term bar pottering about the house and generally chilling out.

It is our last school holidays before the new baby is here which makes it really poignant for me. I wanted to spend lots of time just cuddling the girls, spending some quality time with them and just hanging out together which is exactly what we have done. These are ordinary moments – very every day and boring but ones we will never have again with just the three of us so I wanted to remember them.

ordinary moments

Lazy mornings and late breakfasts in our PJs. Messing around and being silly with no worries about time or things that we have to do. So simple, so ordinary but so heavenly.

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8 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments

  1. Aww sounds lovely! I know a lot of parents who find half term pretty stressful, so its lovely to hear you enjoying it! 🙂 xx #ordinarymoments

  2. Lazy mornings and late breakfast i your PJ’s are right up my street, its what I love about half term! I love the photo.. so sweet xx

  3. I find that these are my favourite times. The ones where you have no real plans, and can just be lazy and chilled out, and enjoy each others company. Especially because like you say this half term was particularly poignant for you. I hope you had a lovely time. x

  4. They look like they’re having such a giggle! It’s nice to read a post that’s positive about term holidays. Though I can imagine it can be tough to keep two littles entertained for a whole week (especially when the weather’s bad), I personally love the days when there’s no rush to get out of the door. Plus I really think kids appreciate that kind of thing too.

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