bluebell woods

Photos in the Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods

I’ve been practicing my photography a little the past month. In my last post I mentioned a photography course I had been on (yes I will get around to blogging about it!). I learnt so much about using my DSLR on manual and as we had a sunny day I dragged the family into the bluebell woods to get some photos to adorn the walls in our new house.

We took a drive to Brynna Woods just outside Bridgend. We had a lovely drive down there and the children loved the bluebells and were very tolerant of me practicing my new skills on them! We did treat them to a pub dinner afterwards for being so good.

I am so happy with the photos I took, I’m going to print a few of them and frame them to put up in one room in the house. Now I just need to find some pink flowers to¬†use as a backdrop because that would look perfect in my bedroom!





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