beach picnic

Picnics on the Beach!

How lovely has the weather been this week? It has finally started to feel like it is spring and it’s so nice to be able to go out after school and enjoy the good old outdoors without freezing!

We made the most of the weather on Wednesday and headed over to the beach after school. I packed a little picnic and packed up the buckets and spades and a couple of towels and off we went.

I bought the kids a children’s meal from a chippy along the beach front which they shared and we ate our food and the girls played in the sand for an hour. Baby S funnily enough doesn’t like sand which is actually great as it means he won’t venture off the towel / blanket area so I don’t have to chase him around like I usually do! He did enjoy digging up some sand and throwing it on me though!

beach picnic

I hope to have many more beach picnics this year!


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