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This is my little Jelly Baby at her latest school friend’s party. She certainly likes to buck the princess trend! From when she was quite little she would always choose to be a pirate at the princess and pirate party, and the party before this she dressed as a dragon. Zog the dragon to be precise.

She is absolutely adorable and I love her little personality and individuality. No snowflake Frozen face paint for her – she wanted what the boys had and chose a Ninja Turtle design. In colours that matched her dress of course.

I love little special moments like this – when I can really appreciate the independent little woman my baby is becoming. She knows her own mind, makes her own choices and is proud of them. In all my hopes and dreams she stays just as she is, strong, passionate, wilful, determined and an individual. What a great person she will grow up to be.


7 thoughts on “Raising Individuals

  1. She makes a fabulous Ninja Turtle and I love that she coordinated with her dress! Long may she continue to know her own mind and go for it!!

  2. So cute and she makes a fabulous ninja turtle! We are going through a phase with Mads where she likes to dress in ‘boy’ clothes and play with ‘boy’ toys- I am embracing it and letting her figure out what she likes. I always thought I would get a real girly girl, but it seems not! x

  3. Aaw, she’s lovely! I always feel secretly pleased when either of my two go against the grain- Sasha always chooses to be a pirate, but I suspect it won’t be long before she succumbs to the lure of the princess!

  4. Funny to read this from the point of view of a mum of boys – I’m not quite sure if there is a similar way to define ‘individual’ and ‘independent’ in boys.. It always feels daring to see a girl be a bit tomboy but for a boy to want to wear pink or have his face painted like Elsa? Now that would just be weird eh? 🙂 X #ordinarymoments

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