maple syrup granola recipe

Recipe: Maple Syrup Granola

This maple syrup granola is so tasty that even Bean likes it for breakfast!! And it is nice and healthy too.


Porridge Oats

Mixed nuts/seeds/dried fruits

Maple syrup

granola ingedients


Blitz up your dried fruit and nut mix until it is a texture that you are happy with. I do mine quite fine so that the children can eat it.

mixed nuts choppedMix this with oats until you have the combination that you like – you can vary the amount of oats depending on how nutty / fruity you like your granola.


Add maple syrup until your granola just starts to stick together.


Spread your mixture on baking trays in a thin layer and cook in the oven on a low heat, stirring often until it has crisped up.

Serve with yoghurt and honey.

granola with yoghurt and honey

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  1. This looks amazing, I’ve never been a fan of the shop brought ones. Didn’t realise it was this simple to make either. On my to do list now! #tastytuesdays

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