teletubbies magazine review

Teletubbies Magazine Review

teletubbies magazine
My little boy absolutely loves the Teletubbies. It is one of the only programmes that he will sit still and watch and he often asks to watch “Tubbies” as he calls it. He’s getting that bit older now and I’m starting to work on reading with him a lot more, as well as working on pen control in readiness for nursery next year. Being a little boy his attention span isn’t brilliant so a magazine like the Teletubbies magazine is perfect for him. He can just dip in and out of it and do a little bit each day.

He absolutely loved opening the magazine, he was thrilled with the little toy and couldn’t wait to get it out of the packet.

Inside the magazine there are short stories which he loved reading with me and little activities which are fun and engaging to do together.  There are simple writing activities and stickers he could use to make a picture which he also loved.


I really liked the educational aspect, which was mixed in with the fun activities so it didn’t feel like ‘work’. It helped him with number and colour recognition and he didn’t even know he was doing anything except having fun!

In all honesty it is such great value for a £2.99 magazine, as we could use it in so many different ways and the fun just kept on going! We often buy the girls magazines to read and play with at the weekend and now we’ll be adding one in for Little Boy too as he enjoyed it so much.

We’ve made a little video of Little Boy and I reading the magazine together so you can see just how much he loved it.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

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  1. I’ve only heard good things about this magazine! I may purchase it the next time I spot it. Although I am yet to introduce my little ones to Teletubbies! My favourite was always Lala! Haha

  2. I loved the teletubbies and it’s so nice to see they’re still going. I remember making tubby toast for my Godson years ago! Glad the next generation get to experience it x

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