spring blossom

The First Spring Blossom

The First Spring Blossom

Last Sunday on my way out of church with the girls I noticed the first spring blossom on the trees. It barely feels like a proper winter has begun because it hasn’t been that cold and now we are seeing the signs of spring.

I can’t wait for Spring and Summer. In our new house we will be walking distance to a lovely park and lake where there are ducks and I’m looking forward to walking through there, feeding the ducks and letting baby S play on the swings.

Spring is so full of promises of happiness, I hope it all comes true this year.

spring blossom

Sorry about the blurry photo, it was taken on my iPhone as I was carrying the baby so I think it actually came out quite well!!


11 thoughts on “The First Spring Blossom

  1. What a wonderful sight… it can’t come soon enough in my book!
    Beautiful blossoms but it does seem really early. I hope it manages to stay on the trees and not be blown away!
    I hope you have a lovely Sunday

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