Win £150 in Amazon Vouchers for Christmas

I’m really excited to write this post today.  I love hosting competitions and I know that lots of you love entering them too and this is a brilliant one!

This Christmas I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers to giveaway an awesome prize just in time for Christmas. One lucky winner will be walking away with a fantastic £150 worth of Amazon vouchers while two runners up get £30 each (if the winner is from a country other than the UK the prize will be delivered via PayPal cash).

Here are the blogger’s who have contributed to this amazing prize…



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To enter all you need to do is answer the following question:

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

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Good Luck!

*Please note all other entries after answering the question are optional, however they do get you extra entries into the final draw and help support all the bloggers who are helping to provide this wonderful prize.

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167 thoughts on “Win £150 in Amazon Vouchers for Christmas

  1. My fav thing about Christmas has to be enjoying spending quality time with my family. Seeing their faces light up on Christmas morning and soaking up the joy that is spread on such a wonderful day. Oh and the presents lol.

  2. spending it with family and this year is extra exciting as first grand child is due a week before christmas so fingers crossed they are not late

  3. I love watching my nieces and nephews get so excited, having dinner with my family and then watching my Dad fall asleep. It happens everytime!

  4. I love being able to have time out with the family 🙂 I love all the traditions right from putting up the decorations to leaving stockings out over Christmas Eve!

  5. Having all the Family together for a couple of days. Watching the kids open their presents and Christmas dinner with all the trimmings!

  6. well, I love all the shiny, sparkly things like Christmas lights and tinsel. I love the excited children’s faces and the magical feeling. I don’t even mind going to church for the Christingle but most of all, I love the Chritmas food – and drink. Cheers!

  7. I love making sure it looks like Santa has been like snow spray footprints coming from the fireplace and taking that bite out of the mince pie! Just makes it extra special for my son 😀

  8. The food!! You get to eat anything and everything, you go and visit someone over Christmas and they feed you lots of delicious goodies….. A special mention must go to the food that makes Christmas for me and that is the glorious Sprout!! All hail the sprout 🙂

  9. My children getting up really early and coming downstairs to see if Santa has been then seeing there faces at all the presents Santa has left them. Then I love watching them rip open the presents and the screams of joy at the presents they have got. Then I go and put my dinner on and while dinner is cooking we put the children’s toys together. You can’t beat a nice family Christmas xxxx

  10. Everything 🙂 wrapping up warm and going on walks with kids dog and family,food watching telly,playing games and seeing the kids faces Christmas morning,work nights so the week over Christmas is only time I know I’m going to be like everyone else,awake through the day Lol.

  11. my favourite part about christmas is the excitement of waking up on that morning, the thrill of not knowing whats inside the box titled “Your name”. Also, a good part and most important part is spending time with my great family, being able to share food and excitement. Christmas is an event i can’t wait for and i hope everyone has a great christmas too.xx

  12. My favourite thing about Christmas is Christmas Eve me and my mum have a tradition where we put some music on, get a class of wine or beer and wrap all the presents for all the family together it’s been a tradition for many years and while I enjoy the actual Christmas Day with all my extended family coming together I find nothing beats Christmas Eve with my mum as we talk about everything of anything and generally enjoy each other’s company before all the stress of Christmas Day begins

  13. As a lot of people have responded, I love knowing that I am spending a whole day with my most favourite people in the world.

  14. I enjoy the challenge of attempting to put reindeer antlers onto my cat; needless to say she lacks Christmas spirit and I usually walk away scarred. At least I have something to remind me of these fond memories!

  15. seeing my childrens faces light up!! knowing that all the saving and hard work over the past few months has been worth it and i can relax for about 6mths before starting all over again!! phew

  16. I love everything about Christmas – seeing my husband and our 3 children on Christmas morning, the lights, music, food, telly – just about everything really!

  17. I love making home made mince pies with home made mince meat on Christmas morning and my sister and brother in law coming for coffee and fresh mince pies with me and my Dad.

  18. Seeing those little gremlins faces first thing I the morning. Beaming from ear to ear and full of beans. It truly is a magical time of year

  19. My favourite thing is seeing the excitement in the children’s faces in the morning when Santa has been and spending time with my family xx

  20. The best thing about my Christmas is sitting round a table with all my family for a fabulous meal that I haven’t had to cook

  21. I love hearing the kids stockings rustling, them trying to have a sneaky peak really quietly. Reminds me of myself when I was a child

  22. I love having friends & family over, but my favourite bit is putting up th tree and the memories that come flooding back when I put the decorations on the tree.

  23. My favourite thing…hmmm…it’s a toss up between doing the annual present run, the family party, and the 25th when my husband and I spend the day relaxing by ourselves and just shutting the world out.

  24. Everything, I love writing the cards, choosing and wrapping gifts, the childrens plays, the light switch on, carol services, going to the panto and the atmosphere on christmas day with all of my family around me

  25. oh i love everything about christmas from choose and wrapping all the presents to the decorations the films and the songs and the amazing delighted faces of the children

  26. I love the street lights and shop decorations, seeing family and friends, and all the glamours parties/events that you get to go to.

  27. i love everything about cristmas from the kids waking me at the crack of dawn to open there presents the food the carols and decorating the tree 🙂

  28. Treating myself to a blow out of yummy food. I spend all year not eating chocolate or drinking more than an occasional glass of wine

  29. The family comes together from everywhere at christmas, its the best time of year for our family. Also now my son is almost 4 years old he now gets Christmas and is sooo excited. Its brilliant!

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