Win A Mobile Photography Kit

Win A Mobile Photography Kit

Whilst I take a lot of photos for this blog on my DSLR camera, many are also just taken on my phone (I have an iPhone 6). It is convenient to carry around, I have it pretty much everywhere I go and it means I can snap pictures whenever I want to without lugging around a big camera. It takes pretty good photos too, and with the right kit you can use your phone camera to take some really great photos.

Cookies and Cwtches has teamed up with Three to offer one of my readers the chance to win a mobile photography kit. The kit will include everything the lucky winner will Β need to create an at-home phoneography studio including: a bubble pod, two mini studio lights, phone stand, mini light box with 4x colour backgrounds and a bag to transport the loot in. I think you could get some really fabulous pictures with that kit.Β 

To win just enter below. Usual terms and conditions apply. UK entrants only please.

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Congratulations to Kim Neville πŸ™‚ – I hope you enjoy the kit!

176 thoughts on “Win A Mobile Photography Kit

  1. This sounds perfect! I hardly ever remember to take my DSLR and it’s even rarer to remember to upload the photos! My iPhone is just too convenient. I’d love this kit and be able to up my game photo wise, especially as I need to take some semi pro pics of G soon xx

  2. Your iPhone spends a lot of time in your pocket, a bag or in your hand, and as a result it will get dirty. Dirt, dust, grease and fingerprints on your lens will have a big effect on the quality of your photos.

    There’s no point trying to take great photos if the glass of the lens is dirty. It will block light from entering the camera’s sensor and will leave smudges, blurs or dust spots on your images. A clean lens will ensure you get sharp, clear images with your iPhone.

    You should clean the lens each time you take it out to take a photo so my tip is to carry a soft lens cloth/glasses cleaning cloth in your handbag!

  3. I have a really nice cover for my iPhone but when I’m doing some photos I remove it, I just think that anything likely to hinder a nice photo should be avoided.

  4. Take as many pictures as possible and experiment, you never know if it will work unless you try, and if it doesn’t you can just delete them.

  5. This is embarrassing but I didn’t know until a while into using my iPhone that you could tap the screen to manually focus the photo. I always recommend people start using that if they don’t know about it as it can make a photo 10 times better instantly.

  6. You can use your headphones as a camera shutter release for your iPhone. All you need to do is plug your headphones into the iPhone and push the volume up button on the headphones cord. Use a tripod or something similar to keep your phone still. This also works for remotely stopping and starting video recording on the iPhone too

  7. Before you start using the camera (and normally feeling that you aren’t getting good results) read up about it online. There are so many good sites with great tips (like the great tips already entered in this competition) you will be surprised how quickly your photographs improve.

  8. If you can take several photos slightly changing the framing each time – sometimes a slightly different angle results in a vastly better photo.

  9. I don’t know if iPhones are the same, but I just found out today that if you tap the screen on mine (blackberry passport) the camera will focus in on that part and let the rest melt into the background a bit. It’s my new favourite thing to do with it. πŸ™‚

  10. I like to have a strong filter already on whilst taking the photo such such as the chrome filter – that just means I can see the colours outright before posting on IG or wherever. I also make sure the lighting is perfect by tapping the screen for where I want more or less light.

  11. dont take too much time waiting for the perfect pic, point shoot and then delete what you dont want…. sometimes you just get the best pictures!

  12. I love mobile photography and take most of my best photos with my phone. My best tips would be to use the natural light to create shadows and silhouettes and just a slight tilt to the phone can make a big difference to the photo. Keep a steady hand and take as many photos of the subject as possible then cherry pick the best ones at the end. I also like to tap on an object in the for ground making it sharper and the background blurry!

  13. i have a Bluetooth shutter button for my iphone so that if we go anywhere we can stand the phone up and take a photo from far away. it works quite well when you go abroad and want to take a full body picture πŸ™‚

  14. You can easily improve your photos by finding a more interesting angle, and often the best way to do that is to simply shoot from a lower perspective.

  15. I find the natural ones I take of friends and family r much better …if i tell friends i amgoing to snap them everyone puts those crazy kardashian pouty faces on!

  16. i love taking ohotos, so always keep a small digital camera in my bag – handy for snapping those ‘ i wish i had a camera’ monents!!

  17. If you are taking photos of things indoors, make sure you position them near a window to let plenty of natural light show on your subject. x

  18. Remember you can set exposure levels and white balance by tapping the screen on any parts of the screen when looking through the camera. See a dark spot and want to focus on it – just tap the screen on the spot and witness the exposure and white balance compensate to make sure the elements are captured as you want.
    Also -The iPhone has quite a low aperture for a mobile camera and offers great bokeh effects πŸ™‚

  19. My tip is to take as many pictures as you can as you can always delete the bad ones and also keep moving until the lighting is right.

  20. (subscribed by bloglovin as lauren8192 and youtube as laurenold1995) My best tip is to adjust the lighting on the screen to get the best image

  21. Good lighting is my best tip for taking photographs with an iPhone. Natural light works best. Apps like Instagram can create some fab ‘photographer style’ photos too!

  22. When taking photos indoors make sure your camera if facing AWAY from a window not towards a window, otherwise it catches the light in the background and the person, item, etc you are trying to take a photo off will just turn out to be a silhouette. As always keep your lense clean, good lighting, USE THE EFFECTS ON THE PHONE i.e landscape use your panoroma. Get a good editing app too always helps. πŸ™‚

  23. I love taking photographs on my iPhone. I always have it with me, taking the picture is quick (handy with photographing children!!) and it’s so easy to edit and post online πŸ™‚

  24. Always be aware of where the sun is. As a rule, you don’t want to take photos with the sun in front of you or directly over head. It is much better to have the sun behind you so your photos don’t look washed out.

  25. Learn how to open your camera app quickly for when you need speed on your side. Swipe up on the iPhone camera shortcut from the Lock screen and you have instant access.

  26. Motion can lead to some great photos making it a great friend, but it can also be your worst enemy.

    Think of it with a driving analogy. If you are driving at 70 towards a stationary car – you are approaching it at 70. But if the other car is coming at you at 70 – you are actually approaching it at 140.

    Bear that in mind when thinking about motion in photography. If you are moving, and your subject is also moving, that is a lot of movement for the camera to have to deal with, counter, and produce a decent photo.

    At all times, try to get the camera as still as possible. You might not think you have a shaky hand, but breathing, the act of actually pressing the button, and many other factors means your hand is a lot shakier than you think.

    If you are able to – use a tripod or gorillapod or some other sort of stand to keep the phone static. Even if you are standing, get a pod that you can balance against your chest to keep the phone still. Give the camera every opportunity, to focus all it’s work on making your scene look good, not covering for your shaky photography.

    Zoom is also not your friend when taking motion shots. The more you zoom – again, making the camera work to see the image clearly, the less the camera can dedicate to just capturing a clear image.

  27. when you look into the viewfinder check whats in the background, you dont want to take a photo of someone to find that there is a building or tree growing from their head or rubbish bags or anything else that doesn’t look nice in the background

  28. remember all the rules of your normal photography – consider the light and make sure you have the grid lines on for composition

  29. Have fun with it! Part of the beauty of taking photos on your phone is the versatility of your shots. A portable iphoneography kit is perfect because it preserves that spontaneous style πŸ˜€

  30. My best tip is to take the same amount of time and to frame your photos as carefully as you would with your non-iphotos.

  31. I dont have an iphone (I have the Lg G4 with a great front and rear camera though πŸ™‚ ) I recommend always keeping your phone in a decent case – it’s all very well having a great phone to take photos on until you drop it down the loo (yep I have done that) or drop it getting into the car and drive over it done that one too). a decent case will egnerally protect your phone from mishap so you can continue to use it for photos and some cases like mine also have a stand so you can stand the phone up and put the timer on for different shots

  32. I’ve recently discovered new found time to devote to blogging and having time to photograph what I see. I’ve learned that action shots are best or taken when the subject is not posing plus angled shots. Also numerous poses are great fun. I love looking at other peoples work for inspiration and hope to improve my own technique

  33. RTFM – so few people bother to properly read owner’s manuals, and never explore all the settings that even smart phones have, relying on ‘Auto’ for everything.

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