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Wonderful Summer Memories in Cyprus

Wonderful Summer Memories in Cyprus

I absolutely love the summer. There is something about the warm feeling of the sun on your skin, wearing beautiful clothes and having bare feet that makes me happy. I love eating outside, running in the grass and playing in the sand on the beach. I love smelling of coconut sun tan lotion and feeling the breeze in my hair. Sitting on a sun lounger with not a care in the world is one of the best feelings…life certainly looks good for JB here!


Best of all, I love the holidays. Holidays are so special to me now. Our daily life is so busy and hectic it is so nice to take some time out and fully recharge and relax with my family. No worrying about getting up early or getting to bed on time. No homework and no emails. Just pure and simple quality time with my beautiful family.

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We went to Cyprus the year before last when I was pregnant with baby boy. We knew it would be our last holiday for a year or so and we wanted to make the most of it. I can’t tell you how much that holiday did for our family. The girls played and swam and played some more. I read books! The husband swam in the pool and we all just relaxed in a way that we hadn’t for ages. This holiday was in 2014 and both the girls still talk about it. They talk about Cyprus as a magical destination and when they hear music on the radio that reminds them of the holiday they shout ‘happy holiday song’ and we all have a little sing and dance and remember that blissful week.


(This photo is one of my favourites because the girls just look so happy!)

Now that baby boy is a little older and the house move has been sorted we’d love to go away again, to create more memories for us and for our children. To spend some real quality time together to laugh, have fun, and get away from the stress of every day life. Best of all we’ll be able to take baby boy with us, and he can experience his first run in the sun, swim in the pool and toddle around on the beach. We already know he is a fan of ice cream so I’m sure he’ll love holidays just as much as we do!


As a family 5 I think a villa holiday is suited best to us now, we would have the space to be together as a family, we could enjoy our own pool and the hubby and I could relax properly while the children were sleeping, giving us valuable time together that we rarely have. I’d love to rent a car and travel the country too as we saw so little of Cyprus itself last time and it really is a beautiful place.

This post is an entry into the James Villas Summer Love competition. I know that James Villas have some simply stunning properties and it would be a dream come true to win.

44 thoughts on “Wonderful Summer Memories in Cyprus

  1. Cyprus look amazing! It sounds amazing too. I miss the summer, I miss walking in the garden bare foot and eating outside. Ahh, I hope summer hurries up this year 🙂 xx

  2. I would love to go to Cyprus – my partner has been before he met me and really wants us to go. We’ve got our first holiday with Oscar in September – he’ll be 18 months old. I’m slightly nervous but think we’ll have a lovely time. It’s so nice to get away isn’t it? Nothing feels more relaxing than lounging in the sun and not worrying about a single thing.

  3. I LOVE the Summer too and Cyprus looks so hot and sunny. I haven’t been to many countries but would love to travel there. We don’t get that many hot days in the North of England in the Summer for the past few years and I’m lucky that we have relatives in Canada because it’s so beautiful there in the Summer. Good Luck!

  4. I’d wholeheartedly recommend a villa. We went to Tuscany the year before last in a beautiful villa with a swimming pool. You’re absolutely right – it was so much more relaxing. Do it! 😀

  5. My Dad emigrated to Cyprus but only bought a two bedroom villa so we never did get out to visit him. Sadly it didn’t work out and he is back now but it is somewhere I would love to visit

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