2014 Resolutions – How did I do?

I love making New Year’s Resolutions – there is something refreshing about a new year and new beginnings. How well I stick to these resolutions though is a different matter! How did I do with last year’s resolutions?

  1. Eat healthier – yes blah blah everyone has the same resolution, but seeing as I am pregnant I owe it to myself to give this one a good go!
  2. Expand my business into selling quilt kits as well as pre-made quilts and blankets
  3. Go on holiday abroad – either Eurodisney or somewhere hot!
  4. Write more. Whatever that may be – writing on this blog, or for other websites or even finally writing some short stories or novels.

Well I could still do with eating healthier! And my business has closed for maternity leave so that resolution came to nothing too! But we did go on holiday abroad – to Cyprus and I have definitely written more. So I’m halfway there with meeting the resolutions which isn’t too bad!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions and more importantly do you stick to them?


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