33 Weeks Pregnant

I must apologise, I have been so rubbish at writing pregnancy updates on here! I think it’s because I’ve been filming quite regular ones over on my YouTube channel so I’ve neglected them on here! If you want to catch up on anything you might have missed do head on over to my channel and catch up…


So I’ll just update you as to where we are now. I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant, well into the third trimester. My pregnancy has been going well with no real problems which is a relief.
My main symptoms at the moment are swelling to my legs and hands, terrible heartburn and pregnancy insomnia. I’ve also been really tired, but that’s kind of understandable with three children, a job and being heavily pregnant! 
The baby is moving nicely and I get some huge kicks! I was surprised I could feel and see them so well considering that I have an anterior placenta. The baby does tend to be quiet when I’m busy and moving about a lot but will kick more if I lie down for a while. I’m also pretty sure it is stuck into a position as I can feel it trying to turn around! 
33 weeks pregnant
The good news is that my hypothyroidism is under control for now. I’m having another set of blood tests done in a week’s time just to check that my levels are ok before I have the baby and then we will have to balance them again afterwards too. 
I had an appointment with the anaesthetist to discuss their anaesthetic plan for my cesarean section. I have scoliosis and have my spine fused so I can’t have an epidural, only a spinal block and it is difficult for them to administer due to the unnatural shape of my spine. They are putting a plan in place to use ultrasound so that they can be sure of where to place the needle. They did the same for my last section and it was much easier than the others, but still nerve wracking! 
Preparation wise, the nursery is nearly finished, it just needs some prints put up on the walls and for the mattress to arrive so I can take some pictures to share with you all on here! 
As we are getting nearer the end of the pregnancy I am starting to feel more nervous again. I just want the baby to be here safe and sound, I can’t wait to meet them, to find out if they are a boy or a girl, to make sure that they are healthy and just to shower them in love. They are going to be such a loved part of our family.
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33 weeks pregnant


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