35 Weeks Pregnant

The last couple of weeks have been difficult. I’ve felt really tired, lethargic, dizzy and sick. This resulted in me taking myself off to the antenatal assessment unit to get checked out. You can read all about that here.

I’m ok though, and now I’m taking iron tablets and medication for heartburn I am feeling much better, although still with little bouts of fatigue thrown in there.

This week I finished my last order for my custom baby blanket business Lina Loves. I will be sad to stop running the business for a while but I am looking forward to maternity leave and am hoping to have the time to work on some projects that I really want to work on or are for our little family.

Jelly Baby is still going to nursery two days a week until the start of the school holidays so I have some time to get the final baby bits in order and do some accounts and hopefully a lot more blogging too!

I had a midwife appointment this week and everything is looking good, blood pressure is back to normal and no other worries. She had a little feel for the baby and thought it is actually now head down and 3/5 engaged! That was quite a shock after the scan a couple of days before confirmed that baby was sideways. I have an appointment this coming week at the hospital to discuss method of delivery though so I guess we will find out for sure what this monkey of a baby is doing then!!

My hospital bag is now packed and the baby’s nursery is nearly finished so look out for posts on that coming up!


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