50% off New Veet EasyWax

This week I have been preparing my legs for summer and I was given the new Veet Easywax to try out.

Now, I can say that I have never got on with home waxing. It is messy, painful and ultimately I fail to completely de-hair and so end up shaving anyway. Unfortunately I found the Veet EasyWax experience no different and so I can’t say that I can recommend it.

There are some redeeming features though. It is easy to heat the unit up and it heats it to a safe temperature so you don’t need to fuss with bowls of hot water and worrying that you will burn your legs. I guess that is the point of the unit and it does that well – it is just the home waxing experience isn’t for me!

If it is for you – the lovely people at Veet are offering 50% off the new Easywax with the following code EASYWAX4 at Amazon.co.uk.

veet easywax

I was gifted the Veet EasyWax through BzzAgent to review. All opinions are my own. 


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