A Precious Moment with Sony Xperia

Today I’ve teamed up with Sony Xperia to share our X Moment.  For Sony, an X Moment is a split second in time that means something to you, a second that is gone as quickly as it came.  It’s a moment that you’d love to capture perfectly but is easily missed if you aren’t quick enough or your camera or phone isn’t up to the job.

We have so many of those moments as parents. We are so lucky that we always have our camera phones to hand to capture those split second moments and we often forget that this wasn’t always the case. When my eldest who is now 9 was born camera phones weren’t so prevalent and they certainly weren’t to the same quality. So many little moments were missed because of course I didn’t carry my camera around all the time with me like I carry my phone.

The moment I’d like to share with you is from Baby S’s birthday last week. That blink and you’ll miss it moment of him blowing his candles out – the first time he has ever blown his candles out. And I captured it in a photo which is amazing. A photo I will treasure because of course the moment has been and gone. I’m so grateful that technology has evolved so that we have camera phones that can take great quality photos and quickly because moments like these can be treasured forever.


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