A Snow Day!

At the beginning of December when it snowed in here in Wales. It snowed all across the UK actually but where we live didn’t get any! It snowed but never settled. Little Miss J has been waiting for snow her whole life bless her as she couldn’t remember the last snowfall as she was too young so I really wanted to make the most of the snow when it came.

I decided to be impulsive and that as the snow hadn’t come to us, we would go to the snow!  We spent a wonderful afternoon going on a snow hunt! We asked friends who lived in the valleys where there was snow and we drove in that general direction until we found some! We actually came across by chance a big open park which was lovely and flat and quiet and the perfect place for the children to run around in the snow!

We had a snowball fight and ran around in the snow before making a little snowman – Bob! Honestly it was the best impromptu afternoon and bar a little petrol cost, completely free! We did stop for a cheeky hot chocolate on the way home though to warm up. It was the perfect afternoon and so much fun getting out and about in the fresh air making special memories. I do hope that it snows again!



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