A Trip To London With The Biggest Girl

Every year since Bean finished Reception I have taken her on a little trip to London, just us two. It her something to look forward to as the school year ends and with three children, any one to one time with them is precious. They really love it and so do I. It’s so nice to sit and chat with her, to really listen to what she is saying without all the background noise and to let her choose to do exactly what she wants to do without any siblings to consider.

This time she chose to do much the same as we have done in London before, but as it’s her choice I let her lead the way! The only thing was that I had a work event to go to first, but that was lots of fun for her anyway!

So first of all we headed to The Barbican Centre for an event with Cadbury. You can read all about the event here, Bean had lots of fun and came away with enough bags of buttons to last her for the rest of the trip so she was very happy! I’d never been to the Barbican Centre before and it had an indoor garden which we went to take a look at and we found some fish in the pond too!

We also headed over to the Museum of London for a really quick visit and got to try out a virtual reality machine which was really cool. It’s absolutely fascinating to learn and see what London was like before it was a city and how the Roman’s built the city that I love so much.

We then headed over to Westfield for some fun in Kidzania. I’ve always wanted to take the kids to Kidzania and it didn’t disappoint. I think I might write a separate post on it but essentially it’s a little city just for children. They can do ‘jobs’ to earn money or take part in activities that cost money. You get 4 hours there which was plenty of time and Bean thoroughly enjoyed it. You can see more about Kidzania in this video I have put on YouTube of our visit. I’d definitely recommend it!

After that Bean was tired from our early start and busy day so we had a quick dinner in Five Guys and headed back to our hotel where we chatted for a bit and watched a movie before settling down for an early night.

The next morning we had a little lie in because we’d been so tired. Bean wanted to dye her hair blue (we had a temporary hair dye spray) so we did that before heading down to breakfast. We then spent the day at The Natural History museum and shopping in Harrods and Leicester Square.

We finished up by having coffee with my oldest best friend who we don’t get to see that often because she lives just outside London. It was lovely to have a little catch up and was a nice relaxing end to a busy couple of days. I was so annoyed that I forgot to get a photo of us though!

I made a little video of our trip to London to remember it by, it’s on my YouTube channel now.


We had the best weekend together, it was so nice to have time to ourselves and I made sure that she was  very spoilt, she definitely deserves it! 


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