All About Bean (Age 6)

As promised a little insight into this special member of our family…


  • Bean is 6 years old
  • She has lost both her bottom teeth
  • She is a vegetarian like her mummy (although this rule is relaxed slightly where sweets and crisps are concerned). She can choose to eat meat if she wants but she has not chosen to do so yet.
  • She is very good at reading (far above her age) and is currently reading the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  • She is in Year One and is very happy at school. She has a best friend (a boy!!) 🙂
  • She is very comfortable among her peers. She loves parties, and playing with her friends. She is a sociable little girl.
  • She does Ballet classes and LOVES them!
  • She takes swimming lessons and can swim a width of the pool on her back and front unaided.
  • She still like watching toddler TV but is growing an appreciation for more grown up things like You’ve Been Framed (!)
  • She wakes up about 7 o’clock and goes to bed at 8.
  • She sleeps with the light on and will read herself before going to sleep.
  • I think that she is suffering from Selective Eating Disorder as her eating habits are awful. We have battled with various doctors at the NHS for the last two years trying to get to the bottom of her problems with food.
  • She loves chocolate and sweets.
  • She is a little bit obsessed with buying things and constantly asks to be bought items from shops we are in.
  • She gets £2 a week pocket money to spend on what she likes.
  • She saves what money she doesn’t spend (to put towards our next house…awww)
  • She is desperate to have a pet mouse (ew!)

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