All About Kumon…

Today I had an appointment with the lady who runs the Kumon classes in our area. Well, not strictly our area as she is a 20 minute drive away but as close as we could get. I didn’t know much about Kumon but I was interested in it for Bean as I find I have less and less time to do things with her to progress her reading and maths and also I struggle to help her as she is so argumentative! She will not listen to me if I correct her, she thinks that she knows better! So I had a look at the Kumon system and read some reviews online. Consensus is that it works but it is expensive and you could just do the same sort of thing yourself with workbooks printed off the Internet.

Well I thought I would see what the Kumon system is like for myself first hand. Essentially the system is that they are given little workbooks they do every day (twice a day I was advised). At her age and level Bean would then learn 5 words a day in no time at all. It worked before my eyes, Bean learnt Lamp, Lemon, Lunch and two others I can’t remember off the top of my head.

The drawback? It costs £58 a month. Now I don’t place a price on my child’s education but I don’t like to spend willy nilly either. So I commenced a google search for printable worksheets and figured I would try this for a month before making a decision on Kumon.

I found the most excellent site with printable sheets for anything you can think of, organised by year.

Check it out, and I’ll keep you updated on the process.


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