An organised plan…

Today, with the summer holidays looming, I had the sudden fear that for 6 weeks I was not going to be able to get anything done! My main writing job is largely academic and work dries up over the summer. But this year I am writing more diverse projects and have my craft business and blog too. So I thought I would get organised, if I have a list of things to tick off, it motivates me to do things.

So, starting with the blog, I have decided to try to post once a day, and with general themes for each day. Drumroll please…

Moany Monday. I like a good moan, but I’ll restrict it to a Monday, the nation’s most despised day!

Crafty Tuesday. Says it all really. I’ll try to post a craft tutorial of some sort, but definitely something crafty.

Writing Wednesday. I’ll write about writing and often link to recent articles I have written.

Thrifty Thursday. Tips for how to live a little bit thriftier!

Follow Friday. In the spirit of encouraging the reading of blogs I’ll link to another blog I have enjoyed reading that week.

Kids Saturdays. About the kids, things to do with the kids etc.

Sunday’s are a day of rest and I think best left to #silentsunday and that is all.

So, prepare yourselves for a lively, more organised blog!


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