Azoomee – A New Children’s App Review

Azoomee Review

My girls are now 9 and 5 and they love nothing more than getting in from school, grabbing the iPad and sitting staring at it for hours until dinner time. I obviously like to limit their screen time but I also worry about what they are watching when they are on there as I can’t watch them all the time with a toddler to run after and dinner to make too.

This week I was asked to review a new app designed to combat these problems. Azoomee is a unique app which contains a lot of different sorts of entertainment for children, but helps to protect them while they are online. I worry so much about what sort of videos they have access to on YouTube and my 9 year old is already asking about social media which opens up a whole bag of worms and Azoomee seems to be the answer to many of the problems I have with this.

There are 5 elements to Azoomee:

Watch: At launch Azoomee includes over 400 episodes from hit shows such as Angry Birds Toons, Iron Man and The Jungle Bunch as well as carefully curated YouTube-style content from independent sources. Azoomee also prides itself on having unique family content, like animal videos from ZSL London Zoo, offering kids an experience they simply can’t find elsewhere.

Play: Azoomee gives children access to an exciting collection of games, many of which feature original characters called the Oomees. Whether they want to feed a hungry Oomee, win a dance off or hop between planets, there really is something for everyone.

Temple of Oom (Tablet)

  • Create: Azoomee encourages active play and creativity with a range of fun and educational tutorials. Kids can create wonderful things from recycled materials, mould colourful clay models or make origami animals.

Clay (Marvellous Makes)

  • Listen: More than 20 new audiobooks added every month, from fairy tales to classics, giving children something to listen to before bedtime, in the car or on a train.

Using Tablet 1

  • Share and chat: Using the Art Studio children can share their drawings with, and send messages to, friends and family. Friend requests are approved by both sets of parents to create a completely secure connection and all messages can be reviewed in the parents’ app.

Having had a little play with the app I am really impressed with it. Pictures are easy to draw, the games are simple and fun and I love the audiobooks which are perfect for my little book worms. It is great that new ones are added every month too. The share and chat feature is great too for those first tentative steps into social media. I love the creative videos as my eldest loves things like this and will sit and watch them and be inspired to create something herself which is brilliant.

Azoomee is a free to download app which crucially for me contains no in-app purchases (hurrah no nagging children asking me to buy an add-on!) or advertisements. After a 14 day free trial it costs £4.99 a month to access all the premium features which I think is great value considering what you are getting. Azoomee also donate 20p per month from every subscription to the NSPCC which is great.

Azoomee is available to download on iOs or Android tablets from here.


Disclosure – this is a collaborative post. 


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