Back to School September 2013

The summer was a glorious one. The weather was fantastic – we had a thousand picnics, went out a LOT and had lots of late mornings cuddling in bed watching CBeebies.

But summer had to end, and Bean was more than ready to start school again. It is amazing how quickly they forget things, and although I had tried to keep up with the reading and writing in the holidays, her reading improved but her writing didn’t. And she had NO patience for maths! She was getting antsy, I was running out of money so while we were sad to see an end to the summer, we were glad to be back to school.

Bean is in Year 2 this year. This seems really grown up – the last year of infants. Her classroom is less a playroom and more like the classrooms I remember. She forlornly told me after the first day that Year 2’s aren’t allowed to ride the bikes in the playground – but they are allowed to play with the hula hoops. She will have more homework and took her own pencil case in to school for the first time. She will also start music lessons (she wants to do the violin).

I love watching Bean grow up, but hate that it goes so fast, and the worst thing about this year is that it is the year that Jelly Baby joins her in school. In February she will be in afternoon nursery. I remember when Jelly was born, and Bean asking when she would be able to school. I counted ahead and told her it would be when she was in Year 2. That seemed so far away, and now that memory only seems like yesterday.

So here is the obligatory back to school pic. Year 2 baby…bring it on!




  1. September 7, 2013 / 6:47 am

    How cute! My son just started pre-school for two days a week and he’s finding it exhausting, even though he did two days a week at the nursery there last year.

  2. cookiesandcwtches
    September 8, 2013 / 1:55 pm

    Yes it’s so tiring for them when they first start (and me – getting back into daily school runs!!)

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