Back To School Shopping – What We Bought

I love back to school shopping! I think it’s because it reminds me of the excitement I used to feel when I was going back to school myself in September. I used to love going back to school with a new haircut and new pencil case and bag!

Now I have three children going to school, back to school shopping is expensive! I make sure that I don’t buy anything that they don’t need, if they are happy with their old pencil cases etc they will carry on using them and if their coats and uniform still fit I don’t buy new unnecessarily. However I do find that most things will need replacing, just because they tend to get worn out over the year of wearing them.

I’ve filmed a little (well long actually!) video of all the things we have bought so far this year, you can watch it below but I thought it would be useful to list everything I buy for each child (if they need it) in case you need inspiration for what to buy for the new school year.


For each child this is on my list…
School socks
2 x white shirts
2 x ties
2 x school cardigans / jumpers
2 x grey dresses / shorts / skirts etc

Pens, pencils etc.
Drinks bottle
Snack box
School shoes
Winter coat
School Bag

P.E. kit

I make sure that I label it all up at once with their name labels so things can be easily returned to us if they lose it. I saved some money this year by buying their uniform in Matalan and Asda and I got their shoes from the Clarks Outlet store in McArthur Glen. We did splurge on new school bags from Cath Kidston though!

So I hope this list and video are some help if you still have school shopping to do!

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back to school shopping list


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