Basic Patchwork Quilt Tutorial

I have started making basic patchwork quilts and to be honest I am a little addicted! I love all sorts of pretty fabric, and what better than to showcase different fabrics off together at the same time in a patchwork piece. So I thought I would share my method with you – it is very basic, suitable for beginners! I use an ordinary sewing machine so not much special equipment required either!

I started off this quilt with pre-cut patchwork squares bought off ebay. These are fabulous, and sellers often bundle them together in co-ordinated sets perfect for a beginner. You can of course cut fabric into squares yourself otherwise.

1. Lay out the squares in your desired design. I do this on the floor then I can fiddle with the placement until it is perfect.

2. Stack each row up into a little pile, and to keep them in order I place the piles between the pages of a book. You need to make sure that they are in order for when you sew them together later.

3. Sew your strip of squares together by placing right sides together. Ideally you should pin hem and measure the seam to be as accurate as possible. You will end up with strips of squares.

4. Iron  the seams flat.

5. Line up the strips, pin and sew together, right sides facing using the same method as above.

6. Iron the seams flat.

7. Lay out some co-ordinating cotton for the backing, then next lay on top your inner batting (I use a fleece blanket), then your patchwork top, right side up. Trim the fleece and backing to an inch and a half wider than your quilt top.

8. Pin the three layers together, using safety pins ideally. You can now start to sew your quilting pattern. On a basic quilt like this just follow the tram lines between squares.

9. Now it is time to do the binding. Trim the inner batting/fleece so it is the same size as the patchwork top. Then fold the backing in half to the edge of the quilt top, iron, and then fold again and iron so that the edge is just over the edge of the quilt top. You then need to sew along this edge, to sew all three layers together.

10. Voila!

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