Bathtime Fun

When my girls were little bath time was a time to get them clean, smelling fresh and relaxed for bedtime. Now they are older bath time is playtime! They usually share a bath and have a whale of a time playing with bubbles, making ‘potions’ and playing with their bath toys.

There are some great fun bath time products available now. Jelly Baby loves pouring her glittery princess bubbles into the bath – most of the time she pours way too much in so it is lucky that they are mild on the skin!


Bean loves making potions so will mix anything and everything she can find into a little pot. I have learned the hard way about leaving my more expensive bath treats on the side of the bath!

A new favourite of both girls however are these fab bath crayons.


These are SO great – they can draw on the bath, tiles or even their own skin and they have great fun practicing pen control and drawing. Who knew learning through play could be so much fun?! The best bit? Their little drawings simply wash off with water. Brilliant!


Disclosure – this post is written as an entry to become one of H&A’s Bathtime Fun Squad. All opinions are honest and my own.


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