Bean and the dietician saga….

If you are a regular reader you will be aware of the long term problems we have been having with Bean not eating properly. (See previous posts here, here and here!)

Well finally last week we were referred to the psychologist that we had spoken to before, and who we wanted to see. She is lovely, so re-assuring and kind and I really hope that she will be able to help us move forward.

I spoke to her at length while Bean played with one of her colleagues. This was of course nerve wracking for me as I was worried about how Bean would come across and whether this colleague would be ‘psycho-analysing’ her. I think that went ok though, Bean played happily and drew some nice pictures – including one of her quote “crazy mummy” – ok not so well then!!

The psychologist gave us some new things to try and we are going to work really hard on those things. Interestingly she was a little concerned that Bean may have autism. This was mentioned at a previous appointment with someone else who dismissed autism out of hand as Bean has no problems socially. However this psychologist pointed out that autism is very hard to diagnose especially in girls, and in girls who are bright. She asked me to think about it and I do have a nagging niggle that they may be onto something, but as far as I was aware autism was characterised by a social engagement problem. That may not be completely true so I am going to do some research, but in the meantime I am not going to stress about it. (easier said than done!)

Anyway, until our next appointment in a couple of weeks we are working on a scrap book where Bean can cut out pictures of food she likes and stick them down. She is going to be actively involved in planning meals and doing the food shopping. She is to help cook and we are to encourage her to lick her fingers when she is cooking etc. Most of all we have to be uber positive about food.

We are giving it a jolly good go, wish us luck!


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