Bean and the trip to the dietician…

So, we have been having a real problem with bean lately. Her behaviour can be very bad and we have been struggling to control her and to make her listen to what we want her to do.

Some of this of course is due to her being 4 but I do feel that her behaviour is quite bad now, even for a 4 year old.

Bean will now refuse to eat a lot of foods. It has gotten to the point where I was seriously worried about her diet and she is going to bed hungry every night. Dinner times are a nightmare with her screaming about eating her dinner and everyone getting very stressed.

I made a food diary and our lovely health visitor agreed with me that bean’s diet was severely lacking so she referred us to the dietician at the hospital. I was actually really looking forward to the appointment as I hoped that we would come away with a plan of action to fix my unhappy child.

The dietician confirmed that we were doing everything correctly and to carry on as we were. She was of the opinion that bean’s refusal to eat is an attention seeking mechanism due to her starting school full time and the arrival of her baby sister.

We are to make her the same meals as the rest of the family and if possible try to eat at the same time. We are to time limit meals and ignore any bad behaviour at the table. If food is refused she is to be given nothing else.

I was a little disappointed that the dietician didn’t offer a magic cute, or even a new plan of attack. I have taken some things on board though. I shall try to spend more time with bean to give her the attention that she needs. I will also try to stick to the mealtime advice. Watch this space…


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