Bean’s First Brownie Sleepover

I’m quite a clingy mother. I like my children close so they don’t usually stay away from home overnight. They stay at home with my mum if we ever go away or they have been to stay with their Nanna and their godmother a couple of times before.

I know that at 7 Bean is getting older and sleepovers are a part of life but to have her first sleepover being with her Brownies and in the centre of Cardiff was a little overwhelming for me.

She was desperate to go and I was happy for her to have the experience so I sucked up my reluctance and packed her off. Dropping her off was emotional but it was reassuring to see so many other children and parents in the same position. There were no tears and I waved her off on her little adventure with her friends (their teddy bears poking out of their bags betraying their age).

And of course she had a whale of a time. No homesickness, just pure fun, just what being 7 should be all about!


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  1. Kim Carberry
    July 9, 2014 / 12:25 pm

    Aww! Bless her…That smile! She looks so excited and happy!
    Glad she had a great time x

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