Bean’s first tooth is out!

Sorry this is another post for me really but it is such a milestone it had to be recorded!

Bean lost her first tooth! It has been wobbling away for a couple of weeks and I was convinced it would fall out by her 6th birthday but it held in there. She yanked it out in the back of the car on the way back from our Mother’s Day lunch in Verdi’s.

All of a sudden we heard a yelp – “my tooth is out” and luckily Nanny had a tissue she could give her for her tooth and to stem the bleeding. Bean was sat in the boot seats of our 7 seater car and as I was in the front I couldn’t see her so Nanny leaned back to take a photo – the wonders of modern technology eh! I was a bit gutted I didn’t see her first but she was so brave (I remember bawling my eyes out when I lost my first tooth!).

I had made her a little pillow to put her tooth in for the tooth fairy and she wrote the fairy a little note. In the morning the tooth fairy had left her a shiny pound coin and a note back! It was such a special experience – the magic of being 6 is truly amazing.

Also, this week she got her first lot of the new rear molars. Now I didn’t even know that she would get this – she told me that she had a nut stuck in her gum and it grew to be a tooth. Hmm I thought but she was quite right, there was a new tooth back there! I had to google it, but yes, it is perfectly correct to grow the third set of molars at 6! Just goes to show that this parenting lark is still a learning curve for me!!






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