Beltlock – Review

With an extra person arriving in our family shortly, car space is now at a premium! We have a 7 seater car but with fixed car seats in the middle using the boot seats means Bean has to either climb in and out of the boot or over the back seats. She also has to sit amongst the pushchair and other things that are in the boot so this isn’t really ideal.

I have managed to fit a booster seat in-between the two fixed car seats in the back. It is a tight squeeze but I can see and speak to all three children well and there is no ungraceful scramble for Bean into the boot (and we have more boot space – bonus!).

The only problem with this is that I worry that she may accidentally unclip her sister’s car seat belt by mistake when undoing hers without me knowing. We now have a genuis solution – the Beltlock which we were sent to review a couple of months ago.

Installation is so easy – you just pop it over your seatbelt clip and clip into your seatbelt as usual. It then stops the seatbelt being unclipped unless use a narrow object to press through to the belt release button. It is the perfect solution to our problem and I like the way that you can use any narrow object to release the belt because knowing me I’d lose a special tool!



The Beltlock is available here and retails for €12.50.

Discloure – we were sent a free Beltlock to review. All opinions are honest and our own.


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