A Braxton Hicks scare…

The last couple of weeks seem to have been filled with little pregnancy worries and niggles. Enough to worry me, but of course they are not serious pregnancy worries – more everyday ones that worry us all.

This is my fourth pregnancy (third baby sadly) and I have never had braxton hicks contractions before – I don’t think so anyway. Before I went into labour with Bean I had a few contractions which I thought were labour but weren’t but that was on my due date and I attributed them to very slow labour pains starting – and it WAS a very slow labour!

With Jelly Baby she was a planned section at 39 weeks and I had a few painful moments which I put down to her trying to turn around (she was transverse). Certainly no regular contractions.

But on Monday night I definitely experienced my first proper Braxton Hicks contractions. I was grumpy, it was about 5.30-6 so I was cooking tea for the ever ungrateful children and it was hot. My lower back was killing me and my stomach was starting to feel a little painful. Hubby came home and I insisted I needed a bath to try to soothe the pains. It was then I noticed that the pains were coming and going…

Well the bath didn’t help so I laid myself out on the sofa and forgot about the housework that needed doing. I could feel the contractions coming, they lasted about 30 seconds then faded and we timed them (they were a little erratic but generally about 6 minutes apart). We began to panic. If they haven’t stopped by 9 we’ll phone the hospital we say. 9 o’clock comes and goes and they are still going strong. We’ll just hold out until 10 we say, truly panicking now. What if this baby comes at 35 weeks? It will be premature – it may not even be head down…aggghh we’re not ready – we can’t do this. 10 o’clock comes and they start slowing down before stopping at 10.30. The relief was immeasurable. The husband regained some of his colour.

I had been joking that day that the baby could come now I was ready, well I realised that I was not. I also remembered how painful contractions are and got really scared.

Can I do this? I know I have to, but at the moment it all seems very frightening indeed. At least we have some reprieve and apart from a few niggles, no more braxton hicks for the rest of the week! But at 35 weeks, it’s not a long reprieve!



  1. June 12, 2014 / 7:02 pm

    Ohh how scary…..I don’t think I had Braxton hicks….It’s the type of thing you notice….
    Good luck for the last few weeks…..Hope it’s uneventful x

  2. June 22, 2014 / 10:25 pm

    Oh that sounds properly scary. I didn’t experience Braxton Hicks with F so I’m not sure I’d know the difference between them and the real thing if I had them this time around! I know exactly what you mean about remembering the pain and being scared. I must admit that I’m both comforted AND frightened by the fact I’ve given birth before. On the one hand I know I did it and survived it and we were lucky enough for it to be fairly quick with no drama. But on the other, I know it hurt and I’m hoping I can cope better in the early stages than I did last time (F was back to back so I had intense contractions back to back for the first bit and, ironically, as the labour went on and she turned things eased and it actually got easier). Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub again. Here’s to an uneventful Braxton Hicks-free week!

    • cookiesandcwtches
      June 23, 2014 / 12:03 pm

      If your first time went quickly and well with no drama then this one will be a breeze I’m sure!! Funny I’ve had no more braxton hicks since which makes me wonder what they were all about!!

  3. June 26, 2014 / 9:21 pm

    This is my 4th pregnancy too and I have been experiencing BH also. They’re not nice are they?! I went into natural labour with my son at 41 weeks and my doctor told me I wasn’t in labour as my contractions were only 6 minutes apart… not to worry you but next time maybe call the midwife if you’re worried as you never know!
    x x

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