Burger & Lobster New Menu Review!

Burger and Lobster New Menu #notjustburgerandlobster

Ever since Burger and Lobster opened in Cardiff my husband has been dying to go! Burgers and lobsters are two of his favourite foods but with me being vegetarian and the kids being so fussy Burger and Lobster has always been written off for us.

I was delighted when I received an email a couple of weeks ago telling me that Burger and Lobster have widened their menu! Hooray I thought, I can finally take him there! I had a quick look at the new menu and there were plenty more choices than there used to be, but sadly no vegetarian option. I was told that they do have a vegetarian burger though, you just have to ask for it.

burger and lobter new menu

So off we went last week for a very rare date night. Burger and Lobster is situated right in the centre of Cardiff so it is really easy to get to. We arrived and were shown upstairs and given a buzzer to wait for our table to be ready.

The atmosphere in there is amazing – it has a really young, trendy vibe. The architecture of the building is fascinating and I loved the modern open bar and cool DJ stand. The music was on point and it seemed like a great place to meet people after work or spend a happy weekend evening.

burger and lobster cardiff


We waited at the bar for drinks while we waited for our table. And we waited some more. It was busy in there but honestly, we waited far too long. And then I was told that they had no Kahlua for my favourite Espresso Vodka. Although the bar man was super friendly and very accommodating and knowledgeable and set about making me something similar which was really delicious.


espresso vodka

When we were finally shown to our table we poured over the menu. The hubby was fixated on the Lobster (of course) and I had no option but to ask for the veggie burger – only to be told that they had run out!! Devastated is not the word as that was the only thing I could eat! I was a bit disappointed considering they knew I was coming in to review the place and I had told the PR company that I was vegetarian but hey ho. The staff once again were very apologetic and offered to make me something special so I ended up having a burger with cheese (a cheese sandwich!!) and fries, salad and corn on the cob.

Sadly again, the food took ages to arrive. To give you an idea, our table was booked for 9.15 and we weren’t eating until nearly 10.30 between the wait at the bar / table and wait for food. The staff were very apologetic so I get the impression that they knew we had been waiting too long and it is not their normal practice so hopefully we were just unlucky that night.

The food though was bang on. It was utterly delicious. I am kind of gutted I couldn’t try the veggie burger as I am sure it would have been amazing. The buns were light, the cheese was lovely and the side salad was fresh and crisp and had the tastiest balsamic and parmesan dressing. The fries were absolutely perfect too. They even got the corn on the cob perfect – rich and buttery and still crisp. The hubby drooled over his lobster and declared it the best meal ever – well worth the wait! He also had nachos on the side which he said in the end weren’t really necessary as his lobster portion was plenty. He didn’t rave about them as much, I think he thought they could have had a little something more about them – maybe a little more heat.




Sadly we had parked in my husband’s work car park which closes at 11 so we didn’t have time for more drinks or dessert – or even a chance to look at the dessert menu so I can’t tell you anything about that.

So what’s my verdict? As long as you are not in a rush, and not a vegetarian I’d 100% recommend this place. The food and drinks were top quality and I really liked the vibe of the place. If I went again, I’d phone ahead to make sure they had veggie burgers in stock…apparently they are popular!

Disclosure – our food and drink was provided on a complimentary basis for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.


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