Clothes Peg Bird Craft Tutorial

My girls love crafting. We have a huge box of craft materials which I sometimes just pull out and they can go a little crazy sticking and glueing and being creative. I find that they love having a little challenge and if I give them a theme of something to make, it will get their imaginations going and they come up with some great ideas.

This month as part of our role as Bostik Bloggers we were given the theme of birds / flying so we made a bird seed holder for the garden and the girls also made these really cute and effective clothes peg birds.

They loved making these and they were really easy to do. All you will need is some wooden clothes pegs Рold fashioned or more modern ones will do.  You will also need colouring pens, glue or glue dots, googley eyes and feathers and gems to decorate.

They coloured the clothes pen in with the colouring pen and stuck the eyes on with white PVA glue. Then they stuck on the feathers. We had wired feathers which we wound around the clothes peg, but if yours aren’t wired you can glue them on. We then glued the sparkly gems to the front. Leave to dry until the glue is set, preferably overnight. I always put things like this on top of the tumble drier (which is nearly always on!) and the warmth dries the glue really quickly.

The girls loved that they could make a whole family of birds who all looked different. This was such a great craft activity and perfect for rainy days. The finished birds can be played with too, which gave the girls hours of fun!

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clothes peg bird tutorial

Disclosure – we were provided with the materials to make this craft as part of our role as Bostik Bloggers.


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