Cracking sleeping through the night…Part 1

So, Jelly is 6 months and not sleeping through the night. Let’s just say this does not create a happy mummy! For too long I have blamed this on breastfeeding, when I don’t really think that it is the case that she is actually hungry in the night. So last night I refused to feed her in the night. She had a bottle of expressed milk at 10.30 (and as usual refused most but took 3oz). It was water from then on (in a bottle!)

She woke 3 times, but was not really looking for food. Granted she took a while to settle but she did settle herself the last time (about 3.30) and woke then at 7 and took a proper feed – my boobs were like rocks so good job she did! The plan is that if she learns that she won’t get fed or comforted at the breast she won’t wake.

As I mentioned in the title this is part 1…I don’t know how many more parts there will be but rest assured we will get to the end of this saga and she WILL sleep through the night!


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