Craft Tutorial: Handmade Twiggy Christmas Tree

For ages I have wanted to put together one of those arrangements of white twigs that you can hang decorations from. I really wanted to use one as a table centrepiece for occasions such as Easter and Christmas. This week I finally got round to doing it!

After school Bean, Jelly and I took a trip to the park, played in the playground and collected some twiggy sticks that we thought would be good for hanging decorations from. This was quite good fun, we had a checklist – they had to be thin but strong, with enough twiggy bits to hang things off and they had to be roughly the same length as we didn’t want to have to trim them.

`collecting sticks

We found plenty of sticks and took them home to spray paint white. We just used a matt spray paint we had bought in Wilkinsons on the way to the park. We went out into the garden to spray paint them. We wrapped up warm and made sure that we wore masks to protect ourselves from the fumes and stood well back. I found the best way to get even coverage was to hold the twigs at the bottom and spray all around them, twirling them as I went. The very bottom of the twigs didn’t get sprayed but that wouldn’t matter as they would be seen when they were displayed.

We left them to dry and then arranged them in a nice vase and hung a variety of different ornaments on there, many of which were handmade to add to the handmade look.

We love it, it was so easy and fun to make and not only can we use it for Christmas but we can use it for Easter and other celebrations by changing the decorations which we hang on it. Brilliant!



This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Experience Days Christmas Craft Competition



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